Muesli Breakfast has the whole country in stitches as it chews back. Lol

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How Muesli is prepared prior to eating is subject to the consumer.

A Twitter user Gift Makoti has brought the subject issue to to light by posting "Are you guys sure we're not supposed to soak Muesli overnight?"

The comment section is the most funniest I have ever seen with the tweet going on to gain more that 18 thousand likes.

On the post the man argued that this thing (Muesli) is chewing back! LOL!

I have my own way of solving the problem though, I simply pour a bit of juice before I put in yogurt & give it about 15 or so minutes, then it would be nice and soft as I start consume it.

One Twitter user joked that the thing has to be boiled for at least 20 minutes prior to eating and why we're people eating raw food? Lol!!!

Everyone will have their preferred way of eating food but one thing everyone agrees about is that Muesli is hard and practically fights back!

Let's see in the comments section if anyone has a solution to this breakfast cereal we all love to hate when it doesn't behave as all expect of it.

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