"That's a Betrayal of Highest Level" Uhuru-Raila Receives Bad News Day After Karua Defeated Kalonzo

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President Uhuru Kenyatta, ODM Party Leader Hon Raila Odinga alongside other Azimio-One Kenya supporters have on Tuesday night received bad news following the explosion of confirmed reports that Wiper Party Leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka despite his earlier fight to be given the position of the Running Mate had already submitted his name to the IEBC, a move that has angered Raila and his allies.

According to an exclusive interview by KTN News on Tuesday night, it has now emerged that While Kalonzo pretended to Support Uhuru, Raila, and Azimio at large, he was at the same time working with opponents to rock the Azimio Boat from Within.

"That's a betrayal of highest level I have ever seen in the political arena because, I seriously doubt fail to understand why Kalonzo took us through circles yet he knew what he was doing. This is insincerity..." Otiende Amollo has told KTN on Tuesday night.

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