5 dressing mistake guys make that ruin their outfits


Dressing is like an art, and only people that know this and actually put in the work to look good while combining the right dressing accessories with the right way of dressing look astonishing and fashionable.

Many men don't put in work to look good, they just rock their clothes whichever way they see fit, or that's most convenient to them, and at the end of the day, they complain that little or no persons compliment them for their outfits.

The truth is, humans are generally attracted to Beautiful or aesthetic things, and they will always react to fashion that catches their fancies. In this article i will quickly highlight five mistakes guys make when dressing that makes them look shabby and less fashionable.

1. White Athletic Socks.

White socks are beautiful, but wearing white athletic socks when you aren't engaging in actual sports is wrong when it comes to fashion.

2. Trousers Too Long, too big, and too open at the end.

This style of dressing is outdated and looks totally off to rock them nowadays. It ruins your dressing. No matter how much you spent to acquire your outfit, if you wear clothes like this, you will look shabby and not get any compliments from people.

3. Jacket Sleeves Too Long or too short.

The sleeves of your jackets must end at your wrist level. Not before, or after. Doing this ruins your outfit.

4. Too Many Shirt Buttons Undone.

Many guys think it is fashion to leave multiple buttons open in their dresses when they are not using tie in their corporate wears or when they are on casual shirts. This is wrong and it spoils your dressing.

5. Dress Shirt Too Baggy.

Not only your trousers, but your shirts should not be too Baggy because it will definitely ruin your dressing and make you look old school and "shabbyish"

Thank you.

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