"Campus life is not that smooth", a message to students waiting to join campus


Offcourse getting admission to university or college is everybody's dream after high school.After high school you feel free since there is no more learning till you enrol at the university.This freedom is extended to campus and you also expect a good life there.There you will make decisions on your own and with cash from Higher Education Loans Board(Helb),you can choose to spend it as lavishly as you can.

However,you should know that before you graduate after 4-6 years at campus,you have to pass through very many challenges such as strikes,high cost of living,hunger and prolonged holidays.It becomes quite difficult for some students to afford the basic necessities.One basic need is internet bundles and it becomes quite difficult for unstable guys to afford bundles therefore they end up missing zoom classes.Hunger is the major menace as some university students sleep hungry while others only eat once per day.It's even worse when friends neglect you on noticing that you are broke.

This hardships leads to the increase in the number of student-entrepreneurs.Thousands of students balance between studies and side hustling so that they can meet the basic needs. In addition,many parents tend to trust in Helb loans too much to see their children through campus but this money is not enough and it comes late too.Recently,a students' strike was reported in Moi university due to hunger and starvation.

This hunger issue is becoming a concern and universities should regularly remind parents to send their children money every month.Parents should should also be adviced to reduce over-reliance on Helb loans.

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