Wetang'ula Cruticizes Those Involved In Torching ANC Offices In Kakamega


ANC members were surprised today when they woke up to realize their offices are burnt down. Senator Moses Wetang'ula was not happy about the issue as he with on to criticise them.

According to him,it was a criminal to attack ANC political party offices in kakamega. He termed the act as intolerant and anti democratic forces that have no space in civility,they should be arrested.

"The cowardly and criminal attack on ANC political party offices in kakamega must be condemned in strongest terms. These are intolerant & anti democratic forces that have no space in civility. It's not difficult to tell who is responsible. Arrest them!" Moses Wetang'ula posted.

Onyango who is a fan replied to his post saying that Wetang'ula is a lawyer and he should wait for investigation to be carried out to know the people who did so.

"You're a lawyer... But again you're missing out the point, act of fire is unforeseen and until a proper investigation is carried out, no one is culpable".

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