Wizkids First Baby Mother Threatens To Expose Those Sending Adult Photos To Her 9-year-old Son

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Nigerian musician’s Wizkids, first baby mother, Shola Ogudu, has taken to her son’s social media page, Boluwatife, to warn those ladies sending adult photos to her son to desist from such evil act, as he is just a kid.

According to Shola, she alleged that grown ladies are sending her son adult photos in his Instagram DM as he is just 9-year-old and such a shameful act should stop as it’s inappropriate given that he is still a minor. 

Here is what Shola said;

“My son is only 9 years old and the kind of messages he gets in his Instagram page from grown women is mad. Are there no other men in the world that you women will be sending a 9-year-old adult photos?”

She always warned the unknown ladies, and threatened to reveal their identities if they continue to send such photos to her son.

“Stop sending my son adult photos. This is the final warning and that is why I used his page to come and warn you or I will do a screenshot and post for everyone to see.” Shola said.

Click on the link below to watch the video from Shola. 


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