40 Years Of Marriage is Coming To An End For Former Speaker Of The National Assembly

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A divorce has been filed by Mary Mpereina Kaparo who is the wife of former national assembly speaker Francis Ole Kaparo.She is accusing his husband for having another woman in kiambu where she is being cohabited.The former national assembly speaker had earlier accused his wife about the paternity of some of his children .

There marriage seems to be coming to an end as the former speaker is accused of adultery by his wife .The two are blessed with four children ,Bernard Kaparo, Stella Kaparo, Saidima Kaparo and Susan Kaparo .Mr.Ole Kaparo has come out clean on the matter saying that he is married also to the woman accused of cohabiting in kiambu.The wife of the former speaker has said that there marriage is almost coming to an end and it cannot be salvaged even after being married in a maasai/samburu custom and going further to have there wedding at the Catholic curch.

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