Used to work at the mortuary dealing with decomposed bodies, got hired while in school (Video)

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A high number of young people tend to find employment at a young age. Due to challenges they face back at home, some choose the route only to earn cash on their own than begging. A young man took an interview on a show hosted on YouTube by Relebogile on the 'unpacked show'.

He explained how challenging life was for him growing up. Not that he was coming from a poor background but the fact that he did not want to burden his mother, young man found himself working at his uncle's mortuary while in high school. He explained that he started off washing corpse on Fridays, until the day he got to collect them even worse decomposed ones.

"At first I didn't understand how it's done until I had an opportunity to deal with a decomposed body" he said. Man explained that that time he was still a teenage and was shown how such body is cleaned. He went as far as revealing that bodies are pulled up like in horror movies. And one has to dig for the deceased more especially people who were lost in accidents.

He also touched on the matter that government hospitals are the worst to work in. Since they pill up bodies and one has to search for the deceased themselves. That area is called a cold room were they place all the corpse in a room that is freezer. If the family cannot wash their deceased that is were they come in to do the work. As for the decomposed it is their job to do as well regardless.

Comments that came in social media after watching the show. People felt that some people are too young to take this kind of a job. Since they feel that it is traumatizing to deal with such especially at a younger age.

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