"Bila Tinga, Hamngekua Anywhere": Ruto Ally Tears Into Kalonzo, Musalia and Gideon [Video]


Oscar Sudi is one of the strongest allies of the Deputy President William Ruto's party United Democratic Alliance. Today, he has come out to tear into Kalonzo Musyoka in a video where he tells Kalonzo that they don't want him teaming up with The Wheelbarrow.

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Oscar Sudi asks Kalonzo Musyoka why he says that he cannot team up with UDA and the party has never sought him for any alliance. He also tells Kalonzo that recently, Raila told him off that he does not want an alliance with him either.

Sudi went on to acknowledge the fact that Raila Odinga, whom he refered in the video as Tinga, as a total politician. He has been the one Kalonzo, Musalia and Gideon Moi have coattailed to their national fame and without Tinga, they wouldn't be anywhere on the Political map.

Oscar Sudi elaborated that United Democratic Alliance party is seeking candidates who will revive the economy of the country. In the video, he welcomes anyone who is like-minded to the party but also warns away thieves who are looking to join them.

Here is the full video of Oscar Sudi.

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