Top 10 High Schools With The Most Beautiful Gates - Number 4 Is A Shocker.

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In recent times, the debate over which Senior High School in Ghana possesses the most beautiful and attractive gates has gained topical discussion on social media.

Present and past students of some famous Senior High Schools have spared no time to showcase and brag about the beauty of their school gate to troll each other.

School Heads and Authorities are also investing resources in the upgrading and facelifting of their school gates.

In rare cases,prospective students make the choice of a Senior High School into consideration the gate compound and general architecture of the school.

In response to this developing trend, schools likes Mfantsiman Girls,Opoku Water School,St.Louis,Prempeh College and others have enhanced their school gates to bring up speed with modern trends.

Here are the list of the top 10(from tenth to first) high schools with the most beautiful and colourful gates.

10. St. Thomas Aquinas

9. Mawuli School

8. Mfanstipim School

7. Presec,Legon

6. Accra Academy

5. Opoku Ware School

4. Prempeh College

3. Adisadel College

2. St. Peter's SHS

1. Mfantsiman Girl's SHS

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