Sokoto Market Attack: FG Should Listen To Ortom's Advice

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The continued attacks from bandits, Boko Haram, ISWAP, Unknown Gunmen and IPOB in different parts of the country need urgent attention before it cripples the country's economy. It's high time the Federal Government intensified its efforts to bid terrorism farewell. It is necessary for the government to heed the advice given by security experts and prominent figures like Governor Samuel Ortom.

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As reported by Thisday, yesterday, 18 October 2021, some blood thirsty bandits opened fire on ordinary citizens attending to their business in Sokoto Market leaving almost 43 persons killed gruesomely. This sad attack was condemned by concerned Nigerians. 

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Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State condemned this attack while commiserating with Sokoto State Governor and the family of the deceased and seized the opportunity to offer advice to the federal Government on better ways to win the fight against insurgency.

Governor Samuel Ortom

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Ortom clearly poised the government to strengthen its strategies in combating insecurity threatening the corporate existence of the country. He believes that by so doing, peace and harmony will return to a different part of the country.

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There's an urgent need for the federal government to take this honest advice from Ortom and speedily wage war against these criminals. Nigerians cannot continue to be killed like chickens. These continued attacks breed fears among other citizens, and it negatively affects their economical contribution to the country.

Intensifying efforts and mapping out new approaches against bandits as prayed by Ortom is by all means the important step the federal government needs to do immediately. We can continue to live in denial that the current effort of the government is not producing the desired results. It's pertinent that Ortom's advice is heeded to the letters.

For Nigeria to overcome inflation and experience economic boom, it is necessary that developed strategies are employed by the government against all insurgents for peace to reign as advised by Ortom.

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