A woman was woken up by her aunt screaming for help, unfortunately things ended in a tragedy

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A horrific fire incident occurred at house in Mkonto Street, Govan Mbeki, Kwadwesi, a woman was woken up by the sounds of her aunt screaming for help.

According to the saps news report, earlier today 28 November 2021 at around 00:15 a woman was woken up by the sounds of her aunt screaming for help, she went to check what's going on and noticed that smoke was coming from a room her aunt, husband and child were sleeping in.

The woman called neighbours for help to extinguish the flames, neighbours came to assist in attempting to extinguish the flames but were unsuccessful, fire Fighters where called to the scene but unfortunately by the time they arrived at the scene and extinguished the flames three people had already lost their lives.

The people who lost their lives are two adults and a minor child, the cause of what started the flames is still unknown at this stage, police have opened an inquest for investigation.


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