A beautiful view of Kumasi Kejetia Market at night


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The biggest market place in Ghana can be found in no other place but the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi.

The market is very big due to the huge number of sellers and buyers and also different variety of products being sold there.

The market was recently renovated by government and it has new look.

The market can be seen from afar like a hotel or stadium or even a castle.

The market really looks nice and it is also modernized. 

Security services are tight and also the arrangement and other sanitation plans are perfect. No wonder it is the biggest market place in Ghana.

The name of the market is called Kumasi-Kejetia Market. Viewing this market at night really looks good and people love to take pics alongside that place.

People may see the pictures below as somewhere in Europe or America but guess what, this is Ghana.

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