Biafra or Igbo presidency, which one do Igbos really want?


Nigeria has been confronted with tremendous challenges which include terrorism, Banditry, kidnappings, arm-robbery, agitations for Secession.

Adding to these, some Igbo people of the Southeastern part of Nigeria are clamouring for Secession while others are aspiring for 2023 Igbo presidency. Axiomatically, this is so confounding.

Some Igbo people claim that their group are being marginalized while some claim that the Igbos are not given their right place in the Nigerian political system. These have caused so many pandemonium among the Igbos even to the extend of causing protests, and chaos. Some groups have risen among the Igbos agitating for the independent State of Biafra like it is their only hope of survival, while some assume that assuring Igbo presidency is the only solution to the agitation in the South-East region.

With these two motions of Igbo presidency and secession, there is a big confusion among the Igbos of the South-East, therefore, the question is this, which one of these do the Igbos really want, Biafra or Igbo presidency?

Nigeria is great because of unity in diversity and so we have to embrace unity, peace, love and equity in order to make Nigeria a greater Nation. Let us all adhere to the saying "United we stand and divided we fall." Let us work together in peace and love so that the labours of our heroes past will not be in vain. Nigeria can be great again, everything lies in our hand. Be you Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo, let us drop every form of animosity and grievances and work in unity to uplift Nigeria.