Haki Africa denied to access missing Omar Chidoti Mangale at Port Mombasa police station.

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Omar Chidoti Mangale was abducted at his home in Mariakani,Mombasa county by the alleged Kenya police Officers in broad daylight. Omar has been restrained at the Port Mombasa police station since last Friday, May 20.

On Monday, May 23, the chairman of Haki Africa Mr.Alexander Mbela said that they are making effort to see Omar after they found his name in the police station OB's book. The Haki Africa body went to the Port Mombasa police station to see Omar where their efforts bore no fruits.

When they questioned where Omar was the police said he was at the Mombasa court of law and they made their move to look for him. Their efforts did not bear effort as they did not see Omar at the court.

The 33year old Omar was kidnapped and put on a land cruiser at 5 pm at Mariakani. His family has been searching for him at all police posts to no avail. The family believes those who took Omar are security officers and the reason for kidnapping are not known.

Where did the police hide Omar and why are the police not giving clear information about the whereabouts of Omar?

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