Opinion: Witchcraft has become a norm in South Africa. See Pictures

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A ladies underwear was found in the ground with 3 knives stabbed right on the side and in the middle of the underwear. Assumptions around this are that the lady might have been bewitched so that she gets a miscarriage or that she never gets a kid. Why as South Africans do we hate each other to even wish unwelness upon each other. Especially as ladies.

"I'm gonna burn all my panties and stop wearing them." Says @Tinky. This might be a great idea as far as I'm concerned. Because wearing an underwear seems to be a threat to some people for some reason. Above all else, guard your heart; for everything you do flows from it. Jealousy will be the end of many people.

A pregnant girl brought her "friend" to a place in which her husband runs his chicken dust business. Also chills there with his friends. Couple of months later, the friend is now dating the baby daddy. Now the baby mama says she will not fight her, but she will pay.

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