Top 6 Performing High Schools For Your Child


Naturally education is the key to success,since every parent educate his/her child to be successful in future. In Kenya we have several amazing national schools,but in this list am going to list a few best Performing national schools.

1.Precious Blood Riruta

This is the best ranked National school in Kenya,its a big school that is constructed wonderfully with most disciplined students. This school has posted amazing means over years now.

2.Nairobi School

This is the second school that has given students sleepless night. Is among the oldest schools to be implemented in Kenya also it is an amazing school which is beautifully constructed.

3.Pangani Girls

This is the best national girls school in Kenya,it sacrifice a lot to achieve their wonderful results.

4.Upper Hill school

The school is located in Nairobi county,its among the best performing national schools. It has good students that are highly disciplined.

5.Starehe Boys

This is another amazing national school that has kept people talking because of its wonderful results. Students of this school actually wear shorts unlike other secondary schools hence this shows discipline of highest oder.

6.Mangu High School

This is the most improving national school. According to analysis this school has best teachers.


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