How To Approach A Lady At The First Time Without Any Loose Or Disgrace


There are many boys in this world who are still finding it difficult to approach a lady of their choice in that case it has lead many men into loneliness.

Approaching a girl or lady is very easy but I wonder why many boys find it difficult to approach a lady, today I'm to put a solution to people who finds it difficult to approach a lady if their choice.

Some things you need to put on before you can approach a lady is as follows,

1) Get self confidence and call the lady:

Self confidence is very important to men who wants to approach a lady, this is so that when you encourage yourself and get self confidence that you can do such a thing well it will help you to call the lady.

Do not ask questions which are not deserved to be asked and go strait to the point:

Do not ask questions which are not deserved to be asked such as, have you eaten and so on but just go strait to the point and convince her with some joke and make her happy .

3) Make her smile by cracking jokes:

Many girls in Ghana always wants to be happy so when you approach her try yo entertain her by cracking jokes for her to smile.

4) Ask for contact and location:

Ask for her contacts so that you can call her when less busy and tell her more romantic messages.

Try this simple method and see magic.

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Thank you.