Parents: Here Are Best Reason For You To Take Your Child To A Day school.


After the KCPE results has been released and the pupils have been placed in the high school they are supposed to join. Some of the student found themselves in a dilemma after being called upon to join day school.

Large number of people despise day schools, for them they believe that students don't get enough time to interact with their books but that always depend on the student .

Day school are advantageous to some extent for example.

1;Less expensive

When it comes to school fees day school can help you save alot, since the amount paid is always lower compared to boarding counterpart. Also during admission to day school there is low requirement compared to boarding where their is high requirements which might delay you from joining the school early enough.


When you take your child to a day school it easy to monitor him\her. This is because the student will becoming home to you every evening and weekends, this make you notice every change and improvement your child is making. Incase he\she start to misbehave you will have an ample time to take the respective action.

3; Emergency situation.

In some instances a school there might be a problem in either school or home. It will be easy for you to get in touch with your child easily compared to if he\she was in a boarding far far away from home.

4; Health attention

Not all students are healthy and some suffer from chronic illnesss that requires much attention , for example Tuberculosis. The child has to be monitored so that he\she takes his\her medicine as required and incase of any occurrence the parent can come to school immediately to check on their kids.

5;Help your child

When you take your child to a day school you wil be able to help your child in every need he\she want.This will make the students focus more on his\her studies since their is somebody always their for him\her

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