Worst Roads Identified In The Country In Pictures As Members Of Parliament Continue Politicking?


Road network is an integral part in economic development of a country. Good roads help in easy movement of goods and services facilitating business. Road development is a sole duty of a ruling regime in a country be it County government or national government. When people elect leaders into the public office expect to be served with repect to improve their living standards. Many of our leaders elected into office are politicians and some do not have the right qualifications. Most of the leaders use lies to entice citizens into their snares for political gain.

The national government allocates funds to County governments for development of infrastructure. Constituencies are also allocated fund through the, Constituency Development Fund, NG-CDF from the national government but unfortunately very few constituencies benefit from these funds.

Due to rampant corruption and misuse of funds in the country many members of parliament do not give priority to development of any sort in their regions. Given that devolution is taking shape, this has caused confusion and blame game between the members of parliament and their respective County governments.

There is no clear dermarcations of which project to be undertaken by CDF and that of County government. This has led to negligence of duty among the leaders. Some regions are now experiencing poor development, roads are in bad shape, no electricity connections among other essential services.

All these problems facing innocent citizens are always caused by poor leadership. But most kenyans are on record of electing leaders along tribes and clans ending up suffering. The common challenge facing most parts of the country is poor statuses of roads. Most roads are muddy which are impassable especially during the rainny season.

Today the popular blogger, Abraham Mutai has posted some images of bad roads in various parts of the country.

Below is Chapalungu Constituency, the road is impassable.

Below is Kebuko- Nyangoso road in Bobasi Constituency, totally unacceptable.

Below is Turbo- Shkendu road in Lugari Constituency, is no go zone for vehicles. MP is hon. Ayub Savula.

Below is Ngenia Village road in Laikipia Constituency it unnavigable.

There are so many roads in the country in this kind of state while their MPs are politicking day and night. They are popular but do not have any development track record in their areas. People are suffering due to bad roads hence hinders accessibility to essential services.

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