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Okra is an annual herb that is broadly cultivated for its eatable green seed cases in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate climates.

"Okra is a hardy plant that can grow even with less water and in hot conditions.''

Okra has a novel substance called "GOSSYPOL".

"Gossypol inhibits sperrm creation and motility by blocking several enzymes that are highly important in energy metabolism in sperrm and sperrm producing cells.

"Okra seeds are exceptionally rich in toxic pigment called Gossypol which advance infertility in men by arresting sperrm creation (sperrmatogenesis) even at lower portion.

Gossypol are oil solvent and natural polyphenol secreted by plants as a guard against predators.

In certain countries, okra seeds were, however, used for natural contraceptive for men.

Due to proapoptotic activities in okra seeds (it means killing of cells), gossypol is still under investigation as a potential anticancer agent.

The nutritionist said that in spite of its effects in men, consumption of okra could be of health benefits to diabetes, obesity or overweight people.

"Okra is extremely high in dietary fibers, lessen calories intakes into the body, ability to limit nitric oxide develop in the blood and lipid (fat) and decreases the risks of cancers.

"Okra is an African vegetable that has been a staple of African and Indian cuisine for many years, and also used for medicinal purposes.

"The health benefits of okra can be attributed to its nutritional and phytochemical constituents making it a vital harvest.

"One hundred grams of okra has been reported to meet over 20 per cent of the daily values which the body needs.

"It contains a rare combination of carbohydrates, vegetables, minerals and vitamins.

"At the very least 10 unique vitamins and minerals can be found in okra, for example, vitamin A, which is great for the skin, vitamin C and E which prevent cell damage in the body,'' he said.

Because "okra is high in fiber, it has positive impact on stomach related framework which assist with gastrointestinal troubles.

"Including okra in our daily eating regimen along with physical healthy exercise routine will prevent and treat diabetes, meaning that okra plant adds to a more active way of life". Okra has been distinguished to have insulin-like activity in experimented animals.

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