Kano University Sets Aside Day To Celebrate Popular Arabian Clothe Called Abaya Annually

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The Arabian clothing, called Abaya is a very interesting one, one that has made rounds in thousands of Arabain towns and cities. The clothing is associated with countries or cities with Islam as its predominant religion and such cities is perhaps Kano state in Nigeria, which makes the news of the Abaya in Kano state white interesting. 

Kano State University of Science and Technology has set aside May 27 as a special day in its institution, a way to celebrate the famous Arabian clothing called Abaya. The outfit is to be celebrated annually and the decision was apparently reached after some male students supposedly harassed a female student for her outfit. 

In a viral video that circulated on the internet, the male students can be seen taunting the lady, whose outfit whose the subject of their mockery. They taunted her for putting on the Arabian outfit while chanting Mai Abaya, which is a loose-fitting long garment that reaches to the ankles. 

The outfit as many know is quite popular in the northern part of Nigeria, predominant amongst Muslim women in the country. While defending its actions, the school management claimed that the actions of the young men in the video are "shameful" stating that their suspension was to serve as a warning to others. 

At the moment, about seventeen students in the university are said to be under investigation for their role in the actions played out in the video. At least five of them are under suspension already. According to sources, the students in question were pretended on Thursday for allegedly harassing the female student who wore the free-flowing Arabian dress popularly known as Abaya. 

Meanwhile the University, in a bid to make sure such actions never happen again and to ensure that respect is given to the outfit, the university has now declared that the 27th day of May in every year should be to celebrate the abaya and the students were asked to wear the outfit on Thursday, as reported by BBC. BBC reported that the victim cried after the incident as it was the first time being subjected to such ridicule over her outfit. “I cried because I don’t dress indecently and the abaya covered my body properly,” she said.

However, what perhaps seems interesting is how uncommon it is for northern women to be harrassed over their outfits, especially because the harassment is linked on social media from two weeks ago. Recall that a few days before the salah celebration, so many women expressed their need and want for the outfit, some even claimed that they would do anything to make sure they have the Abaya outfit. This quickly became an interesting phenomenon on social media with some young men believing that ladies who put it in must have sold their virtues to buy their outfit, due to the price of the outfit. 

It didn't take long for some young men to begin to mock women on social media and of social media, as reported by BBC, the his ah police in the state have claimed that they will face prosecution if they are seen harassing women for wearing the outfit. 

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