For guys : 5 ways to attract a ravishing lady

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Here are the five ways to make a ravishing lady to take a liking into you as a man when you ask her out on a date.

A ravishing lady is a beautiful woman who is adorable , delightful and charming.

Below are the five ways to entice a such a woman during a date:

5. Show up to the date on time , make a good first impression by displaying confidence and spark a conversation that will make the connection between the two of your effortless.

4. Have a sense of humor , make her laugh and laughter is good during a date for it makes everyone feel at ease .

3. Be tidy , fashionable and well groomed .

Put an effort into looking your best for looking good will assist in giving you confidence and women are easily impressed by a man who is confident.

2. Be kind , open minded , soft spoken and most importantly be a gentleman .

1. Be yourself.

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