Rhythm City's Nolo Phiri Allegedly Broke Up with Thato Molamu

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Rhythm City's Nolo Phiri and Greed and Desire's Thato Molamu have allegedly been secretly dating since 2020, they have a daughter together. Unfortunately the pair have broken up and the reason for their break up is unknown, but Nolo Phiri is not taking it well.

According to Twitter Gossip Report Musa Khawula, "Nolo Phiri and Thato Molamu who have been secretly dating since 2020 are said to have broken up. 

Nolo Phiri fell pregnant shortly after they started dating and they have a daughter together. 

Nolo Phiri is also said to be going through hell because of this break up."

Many were shocked that the two were dating while others had known about the relationship, and simply reacted that the Miss seeing the two on their screens.

Read comments on the news below:

@Nep3r wrote," didn't know they dated but can tell they were cute together"

@RaserokaO wrote, "Where is Thato though ? He is such a great actor , murdered his role on Greed and Desires.🤌🏽"

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