7 Reasons Why Your Wife Faces Away From You While on Bed.

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It is always good to show love to one another during this sleeping time. But some behaviours from men will always make their wives to behave different in bed including facing away from then.

1. Sleeping before her. 

As a couple it feels good to have the same sleeping time. It also a way of expressing love to one another. But when you go to bed after your wife, she may suspect something wrong and she will respond to this by facing away from you.

2. Remaining quiet

When you go to bed talk to her. This is the best time to have a brief love talk to increase that romance between you. But when don't say anything then she becomes bored and moves her eyes from you.

3. Attending to your social media

You are in bed with her and your are busy on your phone and you expect her to be happy. This is the time to concentrate to your wife fully. Close your phone and avoid interruption when you are with her. She will not be happy and you won't like what she will do.

4. Not asking for forgiveness

You realize that you offended her and she has not been happy throughout the day. You've gone to bed without settling the matter and you expect her to show you love. She will not and as a good man, to avoid this settle any conflict before bed time.

5. Poor night dress

You are wondering why this is on the list. Dressing does not matter only when you are out of the house but also when you are in bed. When you have shaggy sleeping costume then she will not like it and she will always advice you to have better bed clothes. When you fail to change, then she will be pissed by you.

6. Loosing interest in her

Once she realise that you don't treat her like your wife and your love to her has really reduced, she will try to react on it. This will be seen when you really turn away from the bed game and you really enjoy it with her.

7. Being unhappy

Being happy in bed guarantees you of her care. But when you go to bed sad and disappointed, then you will interfere with her joy and she will just watch what's happening on the walls as you deal with your anger.

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