Female Students Protest Outside School Hostels Against the Installation of CCTV Cameras

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Female Students Protest Outside School Hostels Against the Installation of CCTV Cameras

The Federal College of Education (FCE), Akoka, Lagos State students staged a huge protest against the school's decision to mount CCTV cameras around the female hostels on campus.

The protest, according to DAILY GIST, began in the early hours of Friday after the School's Dean of Students, Wahab Azeez, was accused of entering the hostel at midnight to chase female students out over some behavior he couldn't condone that he saw through the cameras. Some students said that CCTV cameras were mounted almost everywhere in the female hostel, robbing them of their right to privacy.

Some female students even said that the school administration and lecturers had been watching their nakedness and nudes since the cameras were mounted, claiming that their lecturers had told them so to their faces.

“The Dean sent some students out of the hostel because he saw them on CCTV camera and he came around 12 a.m. to chase the students out of the hostel,” Latifat Abiodun, a female student and an Exco of the Student Union Government (SUG), told THISDAY.

In addition, the SUG’s Electoral Chairman, Morakinyo Oluwafemi, claimed that the school’s Dean inappropriately invaded the female hostels at night.

“We are in a school where lecturers threaten students with exam failure if they become agitated. The Dean broke into the female hostel at 12 a.m., and we have no idea what he was doing there at the time. We don’t have a good study atmosphere here at Federal College of Education, Akoka; the sewage pipes are all down, and there is no compliance with the federal government’s law of social distancing in the school during COVID-19.

“The hostels house over 7,000 students, far beyond the facility’s capacity,” he said.

Ibrahim Olubade, the SUG’s Secretary General, explained the school’s decision to install CCTV cameras in female hostels despite the school’s lack of other essential learning facilities.

“Although the institute does not have a school portal to verify student records, the management installed a CCTV camera in the female student’s hotel. There are several items that can be done to assist students. The school does not have enough restrooms. Finding bathing water near the school is usually difficult. The management is doing little about the overcrowding in the classrooms and hostels. We’ve written letters and protested on many occasions, but they don’t seem to notice.

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