Answering examination question to fetch you more marks


Getting more marks in your examination depends on how you go about answering the question. a clear and vivid answer will fetch you more marks which will help you get an A easily. this article will teach you the best way to answer examination questions to attain the full and extra marks.

first thing you have to do is read all the instructions on the examination paper: you must read all the instruction on the examination paper to know the do's and dont's of the that particular exams. the instruction will guide on how many questions to answer and all that so it very important to read the instructions first.

secondly, read the questions carefully and outline the one you best understand and can answer accurately. make sure you answer the one the you can do best on the first page.

Plan an overall strategy by assigning time to spend on each question, the keywords you will use and write the points down so that you do no forget your answers.

Start your answer by echoing or rephrasing the question as a statement this shows that you understand the question.

After answering your questions read through to correct errors and see if you have listed all the points the question asked you for.


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