Nigerian Navy Has The Most Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessels In Africa

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In August 2020 the Nigerian Navy announced plans to fit NNS Unity F92 and Centenary F91, a Type 056 Corvette with offensive anti-ship capability. In April 2021, the Navy also announced plans to acquire a new frigate to replace NNS Aradu as the flagship of the Nigerian Navy.

What's interesting is that the Chinese Type 056 Corvette is built with an eight-cell vertical missile launcher. China offered to arm them but the Navy signed a holding clause for future procurement should it deem it necessary. Test launches were even carried out. Is the Navy revisiting that clause? Could the NNS Unity F92 and NNS Centenary F91 be armed with YJ-83 anti-ship missiles?

It will be the obvious choice to integrate a purpose-built missile that was built for the vessel. Here we see NNS Centenary in South African waters during a Port Call visit in 2015. NNS Unity F92 and NNS Centenary F91 are the most advanced Offshore patrol vessels on the continent. It's the only warship built stealth in mind.

Nigeria Navy is waxing stronger through the acquisition of this type of armaments. This is possible because of the understanding between the military and the executive. This is the first time the Executive Office articulated plans for the military with such clarity. That is why many Nigerians sincerely believe that all Nigeria needs is a one-term President that is educated, versed in international geopolitics, principled enough to transcend ethnicity in decision making. See into the future and work out solutions now articulate your ideas.

In all components of the Nigerian military, new and innovative solutions to military challenges are being provided daily. Our land is now being protected, our water bodies are also protected by the Navy and our air by the Airforce. In due time, Nigeria will become great again.

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