A Nigerian Medical Doctor Proudly Munches FUFU, in a Swedish Hospital, With Bare Hands


In a world where many millennial and older generation struggle to keep up with the western culture, a Nigerian man (a medical doctor in Swedish hospital) just went off that box to munch a bowl of “FUFU” with his BARE HANDS.

In his post on Facebook, Prince Suazo DaSilva, was proudly seen molding his eba while his “oyibo” colleagues were standing behind. He did not mind those (oyibos) watching him. He lamented how he was coerced, at the High School, to eat “eba” and other “swallows” with cutleries.  That seemed like freedom alas! Lol.

“Getting forced to use cutleries to eat fufu throughout my high school was definitely the most conflicting experience ever”

His post created mixed feelings amongst his friends and followers. While some called him a legend and hailed him, some asked him not to sleep off at work, with others lamented that he was stinking the office. But one of his followers lamented that using of cutleries to eat “fufu” should be abolished especially in the High School.

This got me thinking if the compulsory use of cutleries to eat eba is actually necessary in High Schools? As much we strive and thrive to be civilized/modernized, we should not slaughter comfort at the altar of westernization. Popular opinions have it that it’s really more comfortable to eat our ‘fufu/eba’ with bare hands than using cutleries. Or at least make it optional hence most schools punish students for easting their “swallow” with bare hands.

Let’s be proud to uphold our culture as long as it is not contravening any set laws.


The writer, Vincent Iheke, is an entrepreneur, an e-commerce expert and a public analyst who believes in putting smiles on people’s faces.

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