Meet the Talented lady Turning old Tyres into Unique wall Hangings & Furniture

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With her talent and creativity, a young woman known as Female Furniture Maker on Twitter, with the handle, @Retyredglam, has garnered much attention and admiration.

As we delved deeper into her Twitter account, we found many wonderful furniture pieces as well as wall hangings she had created with tires.

Female Furniture Make's skills provide her not only with a decent living but also help save the planet by disposing of tire waste that would have otherwise been added to the huge waste mother Earth has to deal with.

A Twitter user with the handle, @joy_zelda, was so inspired by the furniture maker's pieces that he was asking social media users to make her trend.

Check out photos of her works below.

Here are some of the Twitter users' impressions after seeing her artwork

Humble Kind and Patient mentioned:

this need a huge round of plause and a full support big up you young black entrepreneur and the good work of discovery Kasi economy great job well done.

Sizakele Ndzhukula indicated:

Amazing work. This is called upcycling. Great for diverting waste from landfill sites and taking used tyres out of the communities. Well done.

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