2024 NPP Presidential Race: This Candidate Likely To Win The Election If History Repeats Itself


The New Patriotic Party is in the critical position to choose the successor of the sitting president, Nana Addo-Danquah Akufu Addo. The two leading candidates as it stands now are the current vice president Dr. Bwumia and Minister of Trade and Industry, John Alan Kyeremanteng.

Historically, one candidate is in the best position to win the NPP 2024 presidential race.

The NPP has gone into six presidential primaries from 1992 till now. There is this dynamic which has run through all the six presidential primaries held by the New Patriotic Party.

In the 1992, Albert Adu Boahen won the race followed by Dr. Dsane Selby and J. A Kuffour was in third position. This was their first presidential race.

In 1996, J. A Kuffour was elected to lead the party for the general election, beating his closed contestant, Albert Adu Boahen. John Agyekum Kuffour probably won the 1996 NPP race due to the fact that Adu Boahen couldn't perform well in the 1992 general election. The NPP was looking for a new and known face to represent them in the 1996 general election and Kuffour was their best choice.

Even though, Kuffour did not win the 1996 general election, he performed better than his predecessor, Adu Boahen in the 1992 election. So they maintained him in their 1998 primaries leading to the 2000 general election. His closed contestant was Nana Addo-Danquah Akufu Addo.

Nana Addo contested in 1998 and lost to J. A Kuffour. He did the same in 2008, 2010 and 2014 and won. His closed contestant in all the three primaries was John Alan Kyeremanteng.

Historically, apart from the 1992 NPP presidential race, which all the candidates were new, no new candidate has ever won their presidential primaries before.

John Kuffour won the NPP 1996 and 1998 race because he had contested the 1992 race and he was well known.

Akufu Addo won the NPP 2008, 2010 and 2014 race because he was already in the 1998 race and had established himself well in the party.

In 2024, John Alan Kojo Kyeremanteng is likely to win the NPP race since he has already established himself and he is in the best position to win. 2024 if he contests, it will be his fourth times of contesting their primaries after contested in 2008, 2010 and in 2014.

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