Senator Irungu Kangata denied chance to address the senate because of this during the proceedings


There was drama in the Senate after the speaker of the national assembly Ken Lusaka blocked Muranga senetor Irungu Kangata from addressing the Senate. The senator is said to have been following the proceedings from a bar along Nairobi Moi Avenue called Sabina Joy.

Other senators were not happy and said that the Muranga people should elect someone better since he disrespected the house. The speaker always has a right to block anyone whom he felt like did not abide by the code of conduct. The speaker judged that the location in which kangata was is inappropriate hence cannot adress the house.

Irungu Kangata was trying to address the house while his camera was off and when the speaker asked him to turn it on they indeed confirmed that he was in a pub." No that us not an office I am sorry we cannot allow that the rules are very clear on where you can be" the speaker told him off before cutting short his session.


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