God Saved Pokuase Interchange Last Night; Hundreds of Vendors Would Have Perished

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God has saved hundreds of vendors at the Pokuase interchange after a sprinter failed brakes.

But for the timely intervention of vendors under the footbridge at Pokuase running away to safety, this sprinter bus, would have killed a lot of people yesterday in the night as a result of brake failure and other mechanical problems.

The vendors and petty traders started running helter skelter trying to save their lives. The good news was that, no one was reported to have sustained any injuries. Gradually the sprinter was able to stop.

Many have complained severally about how the Pokuase interchange and its environs, have been turned into a market place, obstructing traffic from commuters and travelers to Nsawam, Kumasi and beyond.

There's a lot of work to be done around the interchange area. Noise pollution from evangelists, herbal medicine practitioners and the driver unions from their megaphones. Let sanity prevail. It's nauseating!

There is a disaster looming at Pokuase. Now all those displaced hawkers around the toll booths and other places, have gathered under the pedestrian footbridge at Pokuase and its environs, trading briskly.

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