Zimbabwe: Meet The Notorious Rascal Who Uses A Ghost Costume To Dupe People.


Without a doubt, the world is filled with unnatural people who go to any length to make wealth. As a result, various means and schemes have been orchestrated to deceive others and to rob them of their possessions.

Meet the notorious gangster who uses a very cunning method to steal from people. This guy comes from Zimbabwe. He resides in the southern district of "Gutu".

A piece of breaking news reaching our news desk reveals that this culprit goes to people's houses mainly at night, dressed in a ghost costume.

His appearance is just like a ghost, and thus frightens his victims into running away. He then loots them and escapes.

According to reports, he has been arrested and currently being put behind bars.

Like we said earlier, this incident happened in Zimbabwe, however, it could happen in Ghana. Keep in mind that dubious individuals are everywhere around us.

Be very cautious, vigilant, and watchful so you don't become a victim.

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