Happy Moment as Ruto Gives an Address to Juja Hustlers After Koimburi's Win


The deputy president, William Ruto, has this evening given a live address to Juja residents following a massive win by George Koimburi of PEP party. Koimburi got over 12,000 votes against Jubilee candidate, Susan Waititu, who got over 5,000 votes.

As celebrations were going on in various corners of Juja, Kiharu member of parliament, Ndindi Nyoro, made a live call to the deputy president. Nyoro then used the microphone to amplify the sound such that everybody could hear the speech by the second in command.

In his speech, Ruto thanked Juja hustlers for turning out in large numbers and voting in Koimburi to be their next representative. William Ruto also added that it is the power of prayers that affirmed the victory to hustlers. He finished by asking the residents to carry out peaceful celebrations. This speech by Ruto raised emotions as celebrations got even more electrified. Watch video.

Moses Kuria was also among the caravan which was leading these celebrations where he told off Kiambu governor, James Nyoro, for his efforts to try and ruin the entire process. Kuria said that it's time for the people in high offices to respect the decisions made by ordinary people.

The win by George Koimburi is a huge blow to the president and the entire Jubilee party brigade. The fact that Juja is in Kiambu county confirms that William Ruto has managed to penetrate in the Mt Kenya region.

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