Umndeni| Maseko's wives are not happy with not allowing them to chase their dreams and work

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The wives are thinking about their future


Sources: Moja Love tv Twitter page

Maseko has made it clear from the start that no wife will go to work because he can provide for eveyrhting that they want. It is now clear that they completely disagree with what he wants them to do because they got dreams of their own.

The wives have taken a trip to discuss about the things that are happening in their polygamy marriage. Mahlalentabeni tells the other wives that she is tired of sitting at home and doing nothing. She says she wants to go to work.

Dabula also added by saying that Maseko did not show any support to him when he did his ancestors ceremony. He did not even ask what Dabula needed. In that way Dabula says Maseko should not expect anything from him for his birhday. Maseko seems to be more comfortable now with his wives.

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