Chinese national who married 15-year-old Zimbabwean girl fined just four cattle

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In an episode that has stunned Zimbabwe, a Chinese public who stands blamed for wedding a minor has been fined only four cows.

Numerous analysts were trusting that the man would be imprisoned so a solid message would be shipped off culprits.

Some Zimbabwean ruined families are offering little kids as an approach to getting away from neediness.

The Chinese public is a designer at a Chinese mine working in Zimbabwe. It is asserted that he was searching for a spouse and one of his representatives educated her concerning the 15 year old young lady.

He then, at that point, sent an in the middle to proceed to pay lobola for the young lady. He paid US$2000.

The young lady needed to exit school so she could expect spouse obligations.

The man was requested to show up under the watchful eye of a bosses court, rather than a judges court.

Boss Samuel Neuso of Sanyati has requested a Chinese public blamed for wedding a minor to pay four dairy cattle, three sheep and an undefined measure of cash as a fine for the offense.

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