Primary and Secondary schools are Expected to Break For Third Term Holiday On These Dates.


The ministry of education is encountering tough times since the first incidence of the pandemic emerged in Kenya march 2020 and schools were forced to be closed.

The academic calendar was totally disturbed since learners stayed at home almost a year. Learners especially the candidates were affected.

 Learners are expected to break for a short holiday for third term inorder to be promoted to various classes so as to allow form ones to be admitted in form one.

Here is a brief description of school calender that shows all programs from the ministry of education as stated below.

 Parents are expected to prepare well as the students are remaining with almost two weeks to came back home. For those who study far away from home parents are expected to prepare the fare that they will use.

For those students who are expected to join form one adminision will start as early as August. Parents are urged to prepaid their children well and pay the school fees that is required.

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