18 year-old leads Forbes’ 2021 list of World 10 youngest Billionaires.


According to Forbes’ list, the youngest Billionaires in the world have been revealed and 18 year Old, Kevin David Lehmann top the list recently released for the year 2021. In this article, I will be revealing to you the sources of the wealth of ten youngest Billionaires in the world.

Surprisingly, Russell Austin is a university dropout in 2012. He went on to set up his luminar Technologies Company. It was a $100,000 fellowship reward from a Billionaire technology investor, Peter Thiel that catapult him to be among the top ten youngest Billionaires. He is only 26 years. 

1. Kevin David Lehmann

This is the first time that Kevin David Lehmann will debut on the youngest Billionaires list. After successfully taking over of 50 percent stake in the drugstore chain market in Germany. According to Business Insider, the take over was in September, 2020. The 18 years old is worth exactly $3.3 billion presently. Such a fortune.

Having such a fortune and riches at a tender young age. Do you think that burden of responsibility will be much to bear considering the age. What do you think will happen if we have this is our respective countries? Your thoughts and Comments Please.

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