Kidnappers and ransom


The Jangebe school girls were abducted in Feb 17, 2021 and were released on 2nd of March, 2021. That means they spent two weeks in the hand of their abductors.

The 307 kidnapped girls were given food and water for the period of two weeks with maximum security.

If you ask me, I think "Ransom" was paid. It wasn't just disclosed, but why? Bandits are business men, they use money to buy sophisticated guns and bullets, they use their money to feed the abducted girls, and they make sure none of them was missing, because their numbers is part of the negotiations. Ironically, the kidnappers will collect the money they use to feed the Jangebe school girls for the past two weeks.

Since crime in Nigeria is now a network of criminals working together to achieve a goal, which is ransom, then we need to be on our feet now. The criminals now distribute themselves everywhere, some are in town as informat, some are on the field, while some claim to be repentant bandits, but they still serve as negotiators. Once there is an abduction case, they serve as the negotiator between the government and the kidnappers.

The ex-bandits that serve as the negotiator that led to the release of the girls, will also demand for money. Money in this country make all negotiations to end in a good and friendly manner. If not, some of the girls wouldn't have been released.