Campaign Drama As Junnet Mohamed Calls For Security To A Boy Who Gave Raila A Painting In Siaya

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Political tension remains high in the country as politicians rush to save themselves ahead of 2022. This is exactly what happened today during Raila's rally where he was warmly welcomed in Siaya which happens to be his political bedroom. During the rally, a certain young boy went where Raila was seated guided by Junnet Mohamed to giver his painting.

When the boy gave Raila the painting, the boy was asked to remain with Raila on stage. Junnet asked the security to cover the boy saying that somebody could release anger on the boy. Speaking on the mic, Junnet Mohamed could be heard saying;

" Kijana apewe security, Kuna majamaa nimeona wanampimia, kijana apewe maximum security, " said Junnet Mohamed as the people cheered.

The young boy who was dressed in navy blue t-shirt was given a chance to stay with Raila on high table for the remaining part of the event to prevent him from haters.

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