A Heated Debate As Itumbi Trolls Mutahi Ngunyi After He Questioned His Intelligence Quotient


Mutahi Ngunyi, a vocal political analyst has been on the news headlines recently. He is well known as a staunch critic of Deputy President William Ruto's Hustler Movement and has graced many occasions lashing out Dp Ruto and his allies' moves. Ngunyi also fully supports the Building Bridges Initiative bill, a bill which seeks to amend the 2010 constitution. Many Kenyans would see him as an analyst who is on ODM party leader Raila Odinga's side because both are ever on the same boat in their political ideologies.

Dennis Itumbi, on the other is, I would say the exact opposite of Mutahi Ngunyi. He is a famous political blogger who has his firm support for The Hustler Movement.

These two are always doing online fist fights. Yesterday, Ngunyi recommended Itumbi to visit a brain centre. In his tweet that saw many interactions, he said, "To my friend Itumbi. I know a place in Kiambu where they can upgrade your IQ. Please call me."

Itumbi couldn't cool down as he went on to quote Ngunyi's tweet saying:

"Naona umejua chuom. Welcome to the Hustler Nation Intelligence Quotient (HIQ), it is fresh, bold and real- Hii chuom ya upgrade, Is it the same place you wrote your Highly Acclaimed PhD dissertation? What was it about btw? No-one seems to know. Your State House Line is engaged."

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