Read This Funny Conversation Between A 'Yahoo Boy' And A Nigerian Guy And Learn From It


Scammers are people who convince you to give them money, using mysterious formats. In our country, scammers are fondly known as 'yahoo boys'. Nowadays, yahoo boys do not only scam the whites, they also scam their fellow Nigerians which is really heart breaking.

They can tell you lies like they need financial assistance urgently, their daughter wife or relative is very sick and needs monetary assistance. They can even go as far as telling you that they want to send you a gift, few days later, they will request that you pay extra money to receive the gifts.

These guys have scammed a lot of people who are not wise enough to detest them. They have put so many families into debt, pain and poverty because of their evil ways. Check out a conversation between a Nigerian man and a Yahoo boy who tried to scam him, and learn from it:

As you can see, the scammer doesn't know that he is dealing with a smart person. Please learn from this conversation and stop sending money to people online. Have you ever come across any one that tried to scam you? Share your experience with us in the comment box. Also, do no forget to like and share this post for your friends to see.