Unpaid Salary: Why Gernot Rohr Should Hold Himself Responsible For The Payment Structure.

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The head coach of the Nigerian Super Eagles, Gernot Rohr, has revealed he is having difficulties to get his salary across to his family in Europe, because he is paid in Naira. As pathetic as this may seem, the German has to hold himself responsible for the payment structure because he knew what he was doing when he agreed to sign the contract.


The 68 year-old earns the sum of $55,000 monthly and he pays his three assistants from his salary. Which means, since they are paying him in Naira, he will have to convert it to Euros, and going by its equivalent in Nigeria's currency, he will definitely be at the losing end. He also revealed that the NFF has only paid four months out of his outstanding 8 months salary and that AITEO are set to clear about 7 months of the backlog.


Gernot Rohr is the longest serving Super Eagles manager in history and he is also the highest paid in history, but he is yet to win anything for the country. His biggest achievement so far is a bronze medal at the 2019 African Cup Of Nations (AFCON).

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