"Nigerians Are The Reason I Enjoy Twitter" - American Singer

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American female singer and songwriter, Enisa Nikaj who is professionally known as Enisa took to her social media page to show appreciations to Nigerians on Twitter.

In a post on her Twitter account, the 25 years old pop singer and model said nothing is funnier than the Nigerians on the popular social media platform. She said Nigerians are the reason she still enjoys Twitter and their comments always make her cry.

This is not the first time the Brooklyn-based is saying something nice about Nigerians on Twitter. She is very popular among the young social media users in this country as she regularly replies to their comments.

Her warm relationship with Nigeria social could be traced back to 2020.

She got massive acceptance and a lot of followers from Nigerians when she released a song titled "Dumb Boy". She adopted Eniola as her Nigerian name after the show of love from the country citizens.

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