The Outcome That Kenyans Should Expect From the By-Elections


There are two Parliamentary by-elections which are being conducted today by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. One of them is the Juja Parliamentary by-election while the other one is the Bonchari parliamentary by-election. The residents of these constituencies are going back to the ballot as a result of the death of their members of Parliament. There are very many things which Kenyans should expect from the mini polls.

First of all, the people should not expect a huge voter turnout. This is because many people do not always participate in by-elections, because of some specific reasons. One of the reasons is that the elections is being conducted on a weekday when many people are always busy. Many people prefer to go to work as opposed to going to the polling centres.

Kenyans should also expect heavy security deployment in the different polling stations. This is to curb the tension that may be brought by the political heavyweights in those constituencies. The last by-elections which were held were very chaotic because of the involvement of the political leaders in the mini polls. Many police officers may be deployed in those constituencies in order to bring peace and order.

The polling stations will be closed in the evening and the counting will begin immediately after the voting process. The results will start streaming per polling station and many people will be revealing what their candidates have garnered per polling station. The results that the IEBC will stream are the ones which should be trusted because they are the only results which will determine the fate of the elections. At the end of the counting process, there will be an eventual winner and losers. All the two by-elections have very many candidates and they can all not emerge victorious. Only one candidate will carry the day per constituency.