Check What A Pastor Was Spotted Doing To A Member Of His Church That Left People Talking (Video)

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We have seen and heard pastors doing strange things in churches in the name of preaching the gospel but some go overboard to do things that anger the people. Even after this happens, some pastors still go ahead to repeat the same mistakes forgetting what their fellow pastors had done.

A pastor who has been identified as Mike Todd surprised the congregants of his church and many other people online after he was spotted smearing spit on the face of one of his congregant. Taking into consideration the present state of the Corona virus pandemic, it was an ugly thing to do. Todd was standing with the congregant trying to illustrate a point from his teaching when he spit into his hand and did the unthinkable.

His act angered many people in his church as well as online. The video has gone viral and people can't stop commenting on it. Many were left in disbelief and after realizing how bad the clip was ruining his profession, he came out to apologize. Below is the apology that he gave;

Watch the video in the link below; (Time 0:00 forward). Remember to follow the page for more news updates daily.

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