The Racism Mixed Couples Face, Here Is The Painful Story

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It is extremely rewarding to love someone who is unlike you in terms of race, culture, identity, religion, and other factors. We can broaden each other's perspectives, approach the world in different ways, and even discover a connection in our differences when we are open with each other.

Unfortunately, because racism exists on a deep level in our society, interracial couples can still face difficulties at times. In this regard, love should ideally know no bounds.

Here Is A Story That Touched Me Today.

I noticed you. When we sat down, I noticed you elbowing your husband. I noticed you staring a hole in the woman who was attempting to have a family dinner with the two of us. I heard you laugh. I heard you speak. I smiled at your daughter, who turned to face us. I hid my pain. I kept my mean words to myself.

I also resisted the urge to throw a basket of chips at your table. I'm not blind to racism. I've unfortunately prepared myself for that. What's more, he's the most gentle, kind-hearted, loving man I've ever met, and he'll have to constantly prove himself because he chose me. I don't care. Where you grew up or how your generation was raised WHERE in your upbringing did someone corrupt you so badly that you believe a person's morals are shaped by their skin tone? " It is harmful to the children." Yes, you are correct. However, it is not my children who are in pain. It's the children who have to be raised by people like you.

The End

My take away from this story is that "Understand Yourself"

Believe in yourself if you want a strong interracial marriage. If you are confused about your own life, seek help and support for yourself before attempting to merge your life with someone else's—this is generally good advice before embarking on any new relationship or endeavour.

When you can appreciate and support yourself, you will be more open to receiving love from someone who genuinely cares about you. Psychotherapy, or other forms of therapy, can be an excellent way to achieve this.


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