Bad News to Education Ministry as 99 Students & 4 Teachers in One School Test Positive For COVID-19


The Ministry of Education has suffered a huge blow after several learners and teachers tested positive for COVID-19.

Breaking news this Tuesday say close to 100 students of Muruku Secondary school have tested positive for the killer virus that is ravaging lives in the country, and across the globe.

Citizen TV Digital reports that Laikipia County Chief Health officer Donald Mugoi has said 99 students and four teachers have tested positive

"99 students and four teachers from Muruku Secondary school test positive for Covid-19, Laikipia County Chief Health officer Donald Mugoi says," read the update from the media house.

The news is a big blow to the Ministry of Education considering they have been racing against time to cover for the lost time when learning was suspended in the country.

In last year, all physical learning in the country were halted for at least 5 months as a measure to curb the spread of the virus.

The suspension of learning largely changed the school calendar. The government through the ministry has been trying to get things back to normal, but such updates means some schools will be affected again