This is not London or Paris, this is Lagos state. Beautiful photos of Lagos you don't see online


Nigeria is a great country filled with very good things worth that make life better.

In Nigeri is the most popular city Lagos state often referred to as 'no man's land'. Here is where you see different people of various race, culture, tribe all hustling to make ends meet. 

Its always known because of the heavy traffic caused by very many vehicles all shuttling to make ends meet everyday.

We've been shown different photos of Lagos state filled with hustling people in ghetto like areas with very few places shown as places of relaxation and worthy of living no matter the standard you have.

Truth is that no matter what kind of life you want to live, comfort, fun you want to, you will see all in Lagos state.

There are many places you would find difficult believing its Lagos state as they have the purview of London as that's the impression many people have.

Places like Banana island, Lekki, Ikeja, Victoria island etc are quite expensive areas but you must see any kind of comfortability you so desire.

See picture of places that will marvel you but are in Lagos state.

Nigeria is Beautiful and have very Beautiful places you can go for your vacation notably in Lagos state. Forget Dubai, Paris, London and check out home, you sure will find far better places to go to than flying out for vacation.

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